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Our Own Look At Some Of The Attractions of Avignon, France

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Five Not To Be Missed Things To See In Avignon

Avignon is a mini break location in itself as it provides beautiful architecture, culture, the arts and wonderful places to consume and eat. You might walk around the sights on your own or take a more organised approach by looking at neighborhood trips. However you prefer to holiday, here are 5 of the best things to see and do in Avignon. You will find a huge selection of Avignon Hotels

1. The Palace of the Popes

The Palais des Papes is at the historical heart of Avignon and has had a rather turbulent history. The city became the residence of the popes throughout the 14th Century due to a terrible uprising in Rome. However it was ransacked during the French Revolution and became the scene of a massacre of counter-revolutionaries in the late 18th Century. It has also been utilized as a military barracks and jail, and under the anti-clerical Third Republic many of the frescoes were covered and largely destroyed. Most of the Palais, which controls the cityscape, is now open to the general public and also houses a big convention center and the archives of the departement of Vaucluse.

Straight out the front is a lively square where makes an ideal meeting point or an amusing location to have a coffee. The Petit Palais and Palais du Roure museums are likewise close by.

2. Pont d'avignon

When stretched over the Rhone River but frequently collapsed throughout floods and was eventually put out of use in the 17th Century, this stunning medieval bridge. Its continuing to be 4 arcs (out of the preliminary 22) still stand looking rather lonesome but is truly rather beautiful.

3. Place de l'Horloge

The municipal government and theater developed in the 19th Century are the major architectural tourist attractions, which control the square, but it is the bistros and Cafés shaded by high plane trees, which are a perfect place to relax and socialise. Throughout the summer the artists and actors of the Festival bring the square to life until late in the evening. On Bastille Day (July 14th), the square becomes the center of the parties.

4. Festival d'Avignon

The yearly Avignon arts celebration comprises of theater, dance, music, movie theater and the arts and every summertime around 100,000 people descend on the city. The more formal efficiencies happen inside the Palace of the Popes, nevertheless there are road performances found near all the town's historic monuments.

5. City Ramparts

The city walls, which surrounded the city in the 14th Century still stands. They were built to shield the residents from armed intruders and in parts still protect the city from floods. They are 8 metres high, re-enforced with 35 wonderful towers and 50 smaller ones and are a rather romantic architectural attribute to Avignon.

Avignon is a stunning city with lots to do and see. Its numerous windy patched streets are full of cafés and shops and still have many of its middle ages architecture. Do not miss Teinturiers Street, which runs along a branch of the Sorgue River. It powered numerous paddle wheels, some of which are still there today. Whilst roaming around the historic city, don't forget to search for and see painted windows on walls with famous historical characters in them.

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